Fortnite Tier List (Last Updated September 2022)

S tier – Fortnite Chapter 4 Weapons Tier list

The S Tier weapons are the top items around right now. Most of these are must-carries, especially if you find them in a higher rarity. Tier lists are open to interpretation and personal preference, but most of these have a clear advantage that just make them OP. Or they’re one of a kind fulfilling a unique niche that no other item can. These are the top picks in the Fortnite Chapter 4 Weapons tier list.

Shockwave Hammer

The Shockwave Hammer is probably the MVP of the Fortnite Chapter 4 weapons. This thing is essential.

It has loads of benefits. For a start, it’s basically unlimited rotation. In the past, Shockwave grenades were a valuable commodity, now, you get to use four swings of the hammer to rotate without ever having to loot out more. Even after four, there’s just a tiny cooldown. You can basically use this alone to rotate this season.

If that wasn’t enough, the Shockwave Hammer also has a few other tools. There’s the primary attack. This hits pretty hard, at least enough to not drop it down the list. It deals decent damage and it smacks the enemy away with a Shockwave effect. It’s pretty much the best panic button move. You can deal damage and get enough space away from your opponents. Moving around with the hammer between hits makes you pretty hard to counter too.

Along with those two moves, the Shockwave Hammer cancels out fall damage. That makes it a key item to have around in a lot of cases.

Not every element of the Shockwave Hammer is going to get used as much as others. However, the Shockwave Hammer is one of the best items in the Fortnite Chapter 4 weapons tier list, it absolutely kills it.


The DMR might not be as strong as the Cobra DMR was for last Season, but it’s still a pretty big part of the game. The DMR is the only real long-range option. You can’t rely on a Sniper this time around; there isn’t one in the game. The DMR is your main choice.

There are some real benefits to the DMR outside of it just being the only long-range weapon. The current map is POI scarce, which might mean it makes more sense for players to carry a longer-range weapon. There’s more open ground and space between buildings which can be a real treat for longer-range weapons

You also have special Fortnite Augments that only work with the DMR. Bloodhound can tag an enemy for you and everyone on your team once you crack them with a DMR shot. This can make it great for highlighting more distant enemies, before you follow up with a red eye or Scar.

The DMR is definitely worth having around this Chapter. Even if you’re not too big on sniping, it has uses.

Assault Rifle (Scar)

The Assault Rifle is back in Fortnite Chapter 4. This is the old standard Assault Rifle, or the Scar. Although, it now resembles Scar in every rarity. It can deal damage much faster than the other assault rifle this season and even stands up for both closer and longer-range use. The AR is looking like the stronger pick for this season, although it is a close one.

You can pull out the Scar and use it in a lot more varied situations than most other guns here. Not everyone is going to need one if they’re confident with the DMR and have the mobility to close the gap. However, it’s still a strong pick for the season.

A Tier – Fortnite Chapter 4 Weapons Tier List

The A Tier of weapons aren’t as indispensable as the top tier, but they can definitely compete. If you prefer these weapons, some of them even have unique draws above their equivalents in the A Tier. These are of the guns that make it this high in the Fortnite Chapter 4 weapons tier list.

Ex-Caliber Rifle

The Ex-Caliber Rifle is a more controversial pick in the Fortnite Chapter 4 weapons tier list. Some would rate it at the absolute top of the season and others don’t include it in the better half at all. There are a few reasons why it works well, though.

The Ex Caliber Rifle is another gun built around a unique mechanic. It isn’t as invaluable as the Shockwave Hammer but it’s still fun. This weapon fires shards that stick to enemies or surfaces. These shards then explode and deal a decent amount of damage. There are situations where this really pays off. You can use it to deal damage to a player who isn’t too easy to hit directly, like if they’re behind cover.

It can also work to inspire a player to move more erratically, making it easier for you to follow up. The shards stuck in a player definitely provoke them to move. However, sticking one to cover allows you to damage an opponent even when they’re hidden, or flush them out back into your line of sight. It can be a really useful tool for a creative player. Not everyone is going to get the hang of it, but it’s definitely a weapon worth getting used too.

Tactical Pistol

The Pistol normally doesn’t sit at the top of a Fortnite weapons tier list. This one is a bit different, though. You can go entire games with just this thing, and not just for showing off.

The Tactical Pistol works much better than other versions of Fortnite’s guns. It fires fast, has great accuracy and can put a lot of damage out against players. It works well up close and at mid-level distance. The Tactical Pistol can really do a bit of everything. You might still need a Shotgun, but the Pistol can work pretty well. It’s actually viable throughout the game.

It might not convert everyone. However, the Tactical Pistol is going to get a lot more play than old pistols.

Red Eye Assault Rifle

The Red Eye Assault Rifle is the new AR addition to the Fortnite Chapter 4 weapons. This is a pretty good gun. It’s not on the same level as the MK, but it feels similar in some ways, it has a lot going for it.

This is the only AR speed weapon with a sight. It’s got a red dot which can make it a lot easier to aim and hit other players. You can hammer opponents at the right speed here, getting plenty of damage in.

The Red Eye Assault Rifle has a few drawbacks. It doesn’t fire as quickly as some might like which can make it harder to finish the job with. Its recoil is also on the higher side. However, if you have decent accuracy, this can still outplay a lot of other guns useful at this range. It’s far from a bad addition to the ARs.

Thunder Shotgun

The Thunder Shotgun is this season version of the Pump. It’s a more direct shotgun. If you can land headshots reliably, you can just melt away enemy HP. Miss though, and you’re going to be leaving yourself open for quite a while. It has some flaws, even compared to Chapter 3 Shotguns, but it’s far from the worst we’ve ever seen.

The Thunder Shotgun operates by putting out two shots at once. It also isn’t too fast between shots. The two-shot thing might seem like a new way to do a shotgun, but in practice it’s just a different way of looking at the ammo indicator. This isn’t like the Two-Shot Shotgun, it doesn’t really factor into gameplay.

The Thunder Shotgun’s main problem is that it isn’t very forgiving. Although, it can get kills if you’re accurate.

Which shotgun is better this season is mainly down to taste. A lot of players prefer the all-or-nothing of the Thunder, but there are not specific reasons to go this one over another beyond your preference.

Maven Auto Shotgun

The Maven is the alternative Shotgun in the game right now. it’s closer to the Tac or Auto in the past. There are quite a few reasons players prefer this one in some situations. It’s faster, and much more forgiving. If you miss a shot, you’re not necessarily dead.

The Maven works great. If you’re up against a player with the Thunder who has great aim, you might be slightly outgunned. However, there isn’t a huge difference between these two. The Maven Auto shotgun is no worse than the Thunder.

Both of these guns are serviceable and they are the only choices for shotguns right now. Although, neither of them are at the right top of the Fortnite Chapter 4 weapons tier list.

Twin Mag SMG

The Twin Mag SMG just inches head when it comes to this style of weapon. It’s closest to the previous Rapid-Fire SMG, but with new and unique mechanics. This SMG has two different magazines. Once one is done, you quickly switch to the other and get more shots out. The full reload takes longer, but the twin mag adds much more firepower.

This change helps to keep the SMG keep competitive. It’s the stronger pick for the season. Although, with quite a lot to consider in your loadout, it won’t be a must-carry for everyone.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is back in the game with Fortnite Chapter 4 weapons! This gun isn’t accessible in basic loot but you can find it in different drops and lock boxes throughout the map. This weapon has more power in builds for blowing things up, but it can be useful to add firepower in both games.

The Rocket Launcher has more competition at the moment, with so many weapons like the Shockwave Hammer competing for another slot in your loadout. It isn’t necessarily any worse, it’s just harder to justify one of your five slots for it. It might be worth carrying if you stumble on one, but it won’t be a fixture of most people’s season.

B Tier – Fortnite Chapter 4 Weapons Tier List

The B tier in a Fortnite Chapter 4 weapons tier list is where we get to weapons that are struggling a bit more. While these likely still have their fans, there’s a reason they aren’t as widely carried. Some of these weapons are just outdone by others in their category. Some others though just serve a particular purpose that is a bit too circumstantial. These aren’t terrible (for the most part), but with OP items like the Shockwave Hammer to carry and meds, it’s difficult to find room for some of these guns.

Machine SMG

The Machine SMG is a slightly slower SMG, without a Twin Mag mechanic. This one works a bit better at a slightly longer range. However, it can’t get the shots out anywhere near as fast. It’s outclassed in SMGs this season.

Primal Flame Bow

The bows are all back this season. These are fun, and definitely novelties. However, they are a bit of a pain to actually carry around. The Flame Bow is definitely on the lower half of the Fortnite Chapter 4 weapons tier list. It’s useful for spreading flames, but not much else.

Primal Stink Bow

The Stink Bow can be fun, especially for getting at players who are boxed up. However, it does feel like a waste compared to other weapons.

Shockwave Bow

The Shockwave Bow is absolutely unnecessary this time around. With the hammer in the game, there’s just more reasons to stick with that over the Bow.

Unstable Bow

The Unstable Bow is kind of a mess. This one provides a random effect out of these other bow. You can’t really rely on it.

Tactical and Combat Weapons

These two weapons only come up through one of the Augments. The Combat Shotgun is still irritating, and the tactical AR still doesn’t have too much to offer over the rest of the ARs. This perk doesn’t feel the most necessary right now either thanks to these being on the lower end of the weapons this season.

That’s every weapon we’ve got in the loot pool this season. Fortnite Chapter 4 has introduced some of the most interesting new mechanics we’ve seen in quite a while. Players have a lot to choose between. While some weapons are higher in the Fortnite Chapter 4 tier list, a decent player can get good use out of all these guns. Even the pistol is viable in Chapter 4.